Spring Training Recap (2/26/2017)

Tyler Glasnow

Tyler Glasnow demonstrated today why he is one of the highest ranked prospects (8th, 13th, 12th, 11th) in Major League Baseball. Striking out 6 in 2 innings pitched is quite amazing but too surprising given Mr. Glasnow’s impressive strikeout rate. What may give fans some excitement is that he managed to do it without walking anyone.

Ryan Cordell

The fact that Ryan Cordell hit a home run may just be a blip on most (almost all?) people’s radar. But, he’s a guy I’ve tabbed for not necessarily a breakout, but a solid season this year. The great thing is that I’m not penalized for being wrong (drafted in the mid-40th round in draft-and-holds and acquired for a late round round draft pick in a dynasty league).

Just beautiful…



Yes, I realize Conforto’s power is not in question. He has power in droves. But unfortunately he also has holes in his game.

The Mets would surely like to see Conforto develop a better approach against left-handed pitching, but for now, I’d be happy to see him take advantage of the strong-side platoon and continue launching balls into the stands. And while we’re at it, perhaps improve the batting average and a higher placement in the batting order, too!


World Series Rematch

Cleveland would have been happy for the World Series to have finished in a tie just like this Spring Training game. Of course, baseball fans have a distaste for ties in notable baseball games!

Unlike the World Series which had a lot of exciting moments, this one was largely a dull affair if you enjoy offense.

Of interest possibly to prospect followers is that both Nellie Rodriguez and Jeimer Canderlario played defensive innings at first base. In the case of Candelario, it was for most of the game. I’m not expecting to see much, if any, of Rodriguez this year in Cleveland. But Candelario is ready for prime time, if not for the pesky fact that the Cubs are pretty set all over the diamond and outfield. Adding first base to his repertoire can only help Candelario get to Chicago. Or increase his trade value.

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