Magic Arena 7 Win Decks – Kaldheim Limited #2


This is the second installment of my trophy-winning decks on Magic Arena. Right now, I am jamming all of the Kaldheim drafts I can. Or at least until the gems run out. I did purchase the 22,000 gem package when Kaldheim was released, and have lost track of just how many drafts I have completed. I have, though, completed enough to obtain a full set of Kaldheim rares through drafting, and all but 16 mythic rares so far. Not infinite, but not bad for someone who loves drafting and playing constructed. It’s the most economical (and enjoyable) way to complete sets.

You can find me on Magic Arena under MagicLibrarian or Ludologists.

The Draft

I’ll be posting several trophy-winning decks shortly, and unfortunately, none of them have the draft included. I will try to make this standard in the future.

The Deck

The visual decklist:

And the textual decklist:

1x Jaspera Sentinel
1x Guardian Gladewalker
2x Masked Vandal
2x Path to the World Tree
2x Sculptor of Winter
1x Glittering Frost
1x Aegar, the Freezing Flame
1x Augury Raven
1x Behold the Multiverse
1x Basaslt Ravager
2x Sarulf’s Packmate
1x Struggle for Skemfar
1x Binding the Old Gods
1x Berg Strider
1x Squash
1x Run Ashore
3x Ravenous Lindwurm
1x Island
1x Snow-Covered Swamp
1x Snow-Covered Mountain
10x Forest
1x Ice Tunnel
1x Volatile Fjord
1x Gnottvald Slumbermound
1x Shimmerdrift Vale

The Sideboard

Since this is Bo1, the sideboard doesn’t get to be used mid-games. However, I open the comments for suggestions on how I could have improved the deck. Just because it won a trophy (going 7-1) does not mean I built this optimally. Despite having powerful cards, I did not feel very confident with this deck and was surprised it made it to the end.

Deck Thoughts

The Mana

My favorite decks are 4-color or 5-color green decks. And this one is a perfect example of such a deck. I honestly felt great about this manabase, largely because I was able to squeeze in 11 green sources.

The Bombs

This deck doesn’t have obvious bombs. The overall composition of the deck is rather bomby: being able to consistently hit six mana on turn 5 and activate Path to the World Tree most games can be difficult for most decks to handle.

Last Cuts

The deck for the most part came together pretty easily. The hardest thing was deciding just how much color splashing I could support. I did waver on whether to exclude Birgi, God of Storytelling. Ultimately, I realized (I think correctly) that this is not the deck for her.

Other Thoughts

Honestly, this was one of my favorite draft decks. In part, the fun is in the winning. But, I have a real soft spot for 5-color green decks in any format where it is viable (Hello Cube Drafting!!). But I do think green-based multicolor decks are the best deck available in this format. I am always looking to jump into it if it looks open. And first or second picking Jaspera Sentinels or Ravenous Lindwurms has become my new go-to strategy.

Wesley Lyles

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